Photoshop Tutorials


Photoshop is a complex program that is made by Adobe. I have used it since Version 2, far over 10 years ago. It is a complex program, and can be used for a variety of purposes. One of those is graphic design, which is covered in my other articles (not these blog posts) and the one today that will be discussed is going to be the use of Photoshop for photography.


Top 3 Photoshop Secrets

1. Bad masking: Masking is an important part of compositing images (actually THE most important part at all), and failing at it is bound to cause you plenty of problems, the most revolving around the fact that the image just looks fake. You can’t make it look good if it is just looks fake and out of tune.

2. Unrealistic adjustments: Now, this is like adding a sunset background to a clearly mid-day scene, just to make it look nice or have a golden hour tint when it’s clearly not supposed to. Photoshop can’t build your images, just enhance what is already taken.

3. The mentality: This one really connects to the second one, but I chose to make it a separate one because it simply is just THE most important part of an image, whether realistic or unrealistic.  People often depend on Photoshop too much. Sure, it can make a model’s buttcheek bigger or smaller (Victoria’s Secret fail) and add a mountain to an image. All of this is powerful, but it needs to be visualized in a more important sense. Would this make the image a good one or a bad one? Would these adjustments and masks work? Could this be in reality and not just in the computer? These are all questions that relate to the mentality of how an editor can affect everything relating to an image.



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